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Experience the power of real-time executive moves intelligence for astute investment decisions. TALNT provides a distinct advantage in deal-making, client relations, and strategic planning, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic world of wealth and asset management

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Unlock Greater Investment Opportunities with TALNT
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Enhance your investment research

  • Identify potential investment opportunities and stay ahead of the competition
  • Reduce Research Costs: Save money on expensive research and analysis by using TALNT's platform to get unique people data analytics at your fingertips.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends

Manage risks and spot opportunities

  • Mitigating investment risks is a crucial part of the investment world. Using our data you can support your investment decisions by seeing the hiring trends of key clients or potential investment targets
  • Our insights reports will provide you up-to-date insights on the hiring trends across key industries and regions so you can spot profitable investment opportunities before your competitors
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Support your corporate strategy

  • Using TALNT's people moves data, you can inform your strategic initiatives based on real-time market data
  • Inform due diligence efforts in M&A transactions, providing critical insights into the leadership and talent landscape of potential acquisition targets

Build stronger relationships

  • Use our data to understand how your clients are growing. Get key insight into the teams and regions they are hiring within to maintain string relationships and provide timely and relevant interactions
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TALNT has saved us thousands of hours of work. We’re able to spin up projects and features faster.
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Executive Moves Platform

Our Global moves platform tracks over 150,000 sources for key leadership changes ensuring you are always at the forefront of industry changes

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Profile AI

Our CV summariser and LinkedIn chrome extension enables you to generate candidate profile summaries in less than 10 seconds. Say goodbye to hours of manual profile writing and boost your efficiency

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Seamlessly integrate our data into your own systems and workflows, automate manual processes, and free up your team to focus on driving client value

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Insights and consultancy

Our data driven leadership insights will keep you updated on the latest executive move trends and support your crucial business decisions

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How can TALNT's business development solutions benefit my organisation?

TALNT's business development solutions provide comprehensive people moves data, targeted alerts, advanced search capabilities, and seamless integration with CRM and sales tools. By leveraging these features, you can unlock new opportunities, gain competitive advantage, and drive growth for your organisation.

How can TALNT's advanced search and filtering capabilities help with prospecting?

TALNT's advanced search and filtering capabilities enable you to efficiently search and filter through a vast database of executive moves. Refine your search criteria to identify key decision-makers, influential individuals, and potential collaborators in your industry, facilitating targeted prospecting and lead generation.

How many sources does TALNT curate news content from?

TALNT curates news content from over 150,000 diverse sources globally. TALNT's alerting system covers a wide range of sources, including company announcements, regulatory filings, industry news providers, and press announcements. Get a holistic view of the talent landscape and industry dynamics.

How can TALNT's targeted alerts help me stay ahead of my competitors?

TALNT's targeted alerts ensure that you receive timely notifications on key executive moves, industry developments, and market shifts. By staying informed, you can be the first to capitalise on new opportunities, proactively engage with relevant stakeholders, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Can TALNT help me identify potential partnership prospects?

Absolutely! TALNT's extensive executive moves data allows you to identify potential partnership prospects by tracking key industry transitions. Stay informed about executive movements and leverage them as opportunities to initiate meaningful conversations and forge strategic alliances.

Can TALNT help me optimise my outreach efforts?

TALNT's comprehensive people intelligence, including accurate and up-to-date LinkedIn contact information (where available), helps optimise your outreach efforts. This allows for more personalised and effective communication, enabling you to establish valuable connections and drive successful business development outcomes.

Can TALNT integrate with my existing CRM and sales tools?

Yes, TALNT seamlessly integrates with various CRM and sales tools, allowing you to consolidate your business development activities in one centralised platform. This integration enhances your lead management process by providing comprehensive people intelligence within your existing sales workflow. Contact Us to discuss an Enterprise solution for your organisation.

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