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What is TALNT?

TALNT is an advanced reporting and data enterprise solution built to provide transparency and analysis on global people moves. Our platform tracks new appointments from daily curated news sources on people, companies, sectors, geographies, and functions to keep users on top of their market.

How does TALNT collect its data?

Our global team of skilled human researchers continually source publicly available information on people moves from thousands of industry and mainstream publications worldwide as well as official releases. Our unique artificial intelligence software then analyses and categorises each article by market, role, region and much more, ensuring that users receive only the news alerts that are relevant to their markets.

What sectors does TALNT cover?

We include all global senior executive moves that occur across functions and sectors within Financial Services, Real Estate, Energy, Consulting, Technology and Business Services. We plan to expand TALNT to many more sectors in the future.

How can TALNT help my business?

TALNT can help your business by reducing costs on gathering competitor intelligence, supporting management plans for new market entry, growth or exit strategies, improving DEI intelligence and saving costs on recruitment campaigns, ensuring executives stay connected to market activity, and adding value to defining job descriptions through role benchmarking against recent people moves.

How often do you update your platform?

We update our platform in real-time as new executive job moves are announced.

What types of sources do you use for your data?

We use publicly available sources such as industry publications, mainstream news outlets, and official releases. Our AI technology scours these sources for executive job moves, while our skilled human researchers review and verify the data to ensure its accuracy and high quality.

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Chart illustrating a comparison between new hires and departures over a specified period, highlighting fluctuations and trends in workforce changes.
Chart illustrating a comparison between new hires and departures over a specified period, highlighting fluctuations and trends in workforce changes.