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Supercharge your executive search processes with the latest data, trends and insights on executive job moves. Utilise our smart tools to improve your efficiency and hit your goals faster.

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Enhance your credibility and find the right talent for your search with our executive moves database
Executive search professionals and in-house talent acquisition teams face significant challenges when it comes to tracking people moves and gathering valuable insights. TALNT offers a solution that streamlines these workflows, simplifies your talent intelligence research and help you achieve your goals.
TALNT has saved us thousands of hours of work. We’re able to spin up projects and features faster.
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Stay informed, stay ahead

TALNT tracks over 150,000 sources so you don't have to. Ensure you never miss a move.

Empower your executive search

Get relevant insights into the people, companies, sectors and regions that matter to you. Make informed decisions about potential candidates based on the latest data.

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Enhance your credibility

  • Gather insights and trends based on the latest people intelligence. Ensure you never miss a move and you always stay ahead of the competition by utilising our executive moves database.

Save time on creating candidate profile summaries

Create concise and engaging candidate profile summaries in just a few seconds with our powerful tools.

Profile AI makes life easier for executive search teams by taking away the manual task of creating profile summaries for long lists, short list or talent maps.

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Executive Moves Database

Our global data platform tracks over 150,000 sources for executive job moves so you don't have to. Access actionable intelligence and advanced analytics for deeper insights.

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Profile AI

Generate AI-powered people profile summaries in less than 10 seconds. Say goodbye to hours of manual profile writing and amplify your productivity.

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Seamlessly integrate our data into your own systems and workflows, automate manual processes, and free up your team to focus on driving client value.

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Insights & consultancy

When data alone isn't the full answer to your business questions. Engage our world-class team to gain unparalelled talent intelligence into your market.

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How does TALNT differ from our in-house tools and databases?

TALNT is a specialised platform that uses AI combined with a team of skilled human researchers to track and curate executive job moves across multiple industries. It goes beyond traditional in-house tools by offering real-time alerts, advanced filtering, and AI-generated summaries of executive profiles. TALNT can be used alongside your existing tools to enhance your workflow and deliver more comprehensive and up-to-date insights.

TALNT offers a unique combination of AI-powered technology and skilled human researchers to curate and analyse global news on executive moves, providing users with fast and actionable insights. Our platform provides transparency and analysis on global people moves, helping organisations stay ahead of market shifts and identify potential opportunities. With advanced filtering options and customised alerts, our users can quickly and easily access the people data they need to make informed decisions.

Will TALNT replace the need for our researchers?

TALNT is designed to complement your researchers' work, not replace them. By automating time-consuming tasks like tracking executive moves and summarising profiles, TALNT frees up your researchers to focus on higher-value tasks such as building relationships, analysing trends, and providing strategic advice to clients.

How does TALNT ensure the accuracy and reliability of its data?

TALNT combines AI technology with a team of specialist editors to analyse and categorise each article, ensuring you receive relevant and accurate alerts. We source our data from publicly available, respected sources such as LinkedIn, industry publications, and news sources, and we only include moves from verified sources in our service.

Is our client data secure when using TALNT?

Security is a top priority for TALNT. We employ industry-standard security measures to protect your data, and we are committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of our users' information.

How can TALNT help us win new clients and strengthen existing relationships?

TALNT provides real-time, actionable intelligence on executive moves, allowing you to identify potential clients and stay ahead of the competition. By staying informed on people moves and leadership trends in your industry, you can offer valuable insights and data-driven advice to clients, which can help you win new business and strengthen existing relationships.

Can we customise TALNT to fit our needs?

Yes, TALNT can be tailored to your preferences, ensuring that you only receive alerts related to your markets and industries of interest. You can also adjust your notification settings and integrate TALNT with other tools and platforms to create a seamless workflow.

What is the cost of TALNT compared to other solutions?

TALNT aims to provide a cost-effective solution for executive search firms by offering a specialised platform dedicated to tracking executive job moves. By automating time-consuming tasks and consolidating information from various sources, TALNT can save you money on subscriptions to multiple publications, news feeds, and data platforms while delivering valuable insights that can help you grow your business.

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